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See what sort of nice stuff the people I've worked with have had to say about me.

Hypercane Studios LLC


March 31, 2015


We had the pleasure of having Benjamin as an intern for about 4 months. Benjamin took on the role of concept artist at our game studio for the majority of his internship. He also did some modeling and contributed to concept and story boarding as needed.

Benjamin has the ability to take rough unformed ideas and turn them into an array of visual concepts with more depth and story. We were continually impressed with his ability to take small ideas, refine them and take them to the next level.

One of Benjamin’s true talents was the ability to deliver exactly what was asked for, even if that meant iterating on an existing idea or starting from scratch. Even when reworking a piece, Benjamin did it with a positive can-do attitude and conducted himself like a true professional. Benjamin was always craving criticism of his work, but beyond the “what” he was also eager to hear the thought process behind what was wanted.

Benjamin was able to make accurate time estimates for his work and was able to complete his tasks on time and without supervision. He was also punctual and consistent, we always knew what he was working on and when to expect completion. If a task wasn’t clear, Benjamin was never afraid to ask for help early on, this gave us great confidence that things were continually getting done. On top of this, the work produced was of outstanding quality.

Overall, collaborating with Benjamin was enjoyable and effortless. We highly recommend Benjamin and envy the enterprise that gets to tap into his full passion and potential.


Zachary Burke


Lead Developer & CTO



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