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I told ya so...

I wasn't kidding when I said that I wasn't much of a blogger. I've been at this internship for a few weeks now and i am only now getting around to writing a second post.

I am really enjoying the work I have been doing for my internship. I am thrilled to be getting to do concept work. At school, they advise you not to try to "major" in concept design and development, because it is so hard to get work right out of school as a concept artist. And I have taken their advice to heart I am working hard to develop a strong 3D background, but it is very gratifying to be getting to do this sort of work for real.

So far I have developed concepts for a multi-generational spaceship that will ultimately crash land on a desolate moon, and the interior of a crashed module full of stasis pods, and orbiting energy collecting satelites. Next up are at least 3 droids native to the multi-generational spaceship.

In school, we're taught to do cancept development by doing at least 20 different concepts (or at least sillouettes of concepts) amd then pick the best 3-5 to develop further, then pick the best one and take that to a finish. At Hypercane, perhaps because of the accelerated time line, Jake and Zach, prefer for me to show them 3-5 concepts as quickly as possible, and then to recieve feed back about how close I was to what they had been envisioning, and to either make changes to an existing design, or to do a new desgin based on the feedback. I find that doing the 20 concepts forces you to try out more ideas and you can end up with something much cooler and more interesting than you had initally envisoned. On the other hand the quick 3-5 concept method is much faster, and it does seem to get to the heart of what Zach and Jake want very quickly.

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